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FOOD                                                                       INDULGE
      HUNTING                                                                    YOURSELF
      The tastes, the chefs,                                                     Where to shop, how to
      the plates you must        ISSUE 03                                        raise the night & have
      try. Στο κυνήγι της       SUMMER 2018                      RHODES,         fun, what to bring back
      γεύσης                   - WINTER 2019                   KOS & SAMOS       home. Οι διευθύνσεις
                                               R H O DE S                        της καλής ζωής
      STAYS TO
      REMEMBER                                                                   ΤΗΕ ΕΧPATS
      Hotels & resorts to                                                        Amazing people
      connect more deeply                                                        and their inspiring
      with your destination                                                      stories. Iστορίες που
      Check-in στα καλύτερα                                                      εμπνέουν
      SEA, SUN,                        THE EAST EDITION
      A tribute to the Aegean   FRAPORT GREECE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE                     120’
      beaches. Παραλίες
      παντός καιρού                                                                  VIDEO

      SEE YOU


      Τhe -why you’ll never want to leave- issue

  ISSUE 03 SUMMER 2018/WINTER 2019

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